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About BodyLingo

Stewart McKelvey Law Firm - Newfoundland Office Staff Retreat

Aim: Addressing body awareness, physical expression & team building

Feedback: “The BodyLingo session was really energizing and lots of fun, but at the same time gave a whole new perspective about body awareness and communication. I would encourage anyone to participate. It was truly inspirational and enjoyed by all.”

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

Aim: Addressing physical improvisation

Feedback: “Great key-note potential! This session exceeded my expectations and definitely assisted in my presentation skills, reinforcing the importance of engaging the body and how powerful it can be.”

Dalhousie Kinesiology Class

Aim: Addressing body/mind connection & stress reduction

Feedback: “This workshop was awesome! It gave me a better understanding of the unity concept; that your mind and body are totally connected in every movement. Shelley kept us active and laughing throughout the whole session, which really helped the class to get along with each other, as well as have fun together.”

Nova Scotia Community College ASL/English Interpretation Program

Aim: 14-week course in presentation skills, group dynamics, stress reduction and problem solving

Feedback: “The course I participated in with Shelley Wallace was phenomenal. It was a new, different, dynamic way of relieving stress, learning to be more comfortable in my own skin, and working as a team within a group. A must-do if you are in need of exercising your body-mind awareness and overall wellness!”

CEED - Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development Trainers

Aim: Body awareness/language, team building and presentation skills

Feedback: “There was a very clear, strong message on communication and being present set in a comfortable environment for risk-taking. We haven't had fun like that in a long time while still learning.”